Wednesday, April 04, 2012


"Bountygate" has been plaguing my home team, the Saints. The team has been found guilty of implementing a hit for hire type program. In an investigation spanning almost 3 years, the NFL commission found the team guilty. The repercussions have been far stretching. Coaches have been punished severely. Players could possibly be next in line. What does this do in the long run? Nothing if you ask me.

Defensive coach Greg Williams has been named as the person behind this program. For his role in "Bountygate" he has been suspended from the NFL indefinitely. As a Saints fan, I feel no sympathy towards him. He was no longer employed by my home team. I am more concerned with the seemingly excessive punishment of the head coach Sean Payton. He has been suspended for the year. A whole season? I think that's way too much. What's a team without its coach? Goodell seems to be making an example out of the Saints coaching staff. I'm sure this sort of bounty program exists on other teams. The Saints aren't the only ones. It just makes me angry that a season could potentially be ruined.

And, to make matters worse, there are contract issues with our quarterback, Drew Brees. Players have left the team. The Saints seem to be imploding onto themselves. I do not believe that next season will be a good one. The Superbowl is also going to be played in my hometown in 2013. It would be karmic justice for the Saints to make it back to the big game and win at home. That would be the ultimate revenge on Goodell and his actions. Either or, I'm over "Bountygate." The anticipation of what's next has gotten old. I'm going to wait and see what happens during football in the fall.

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