Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just Say No to the GOP & Their War Against Women

As the race for President 2012 heats up, I wonder if women are paying attention. The GOP has been waging war on women. In Arizona, they are signing a bill into law that outlaws abortions after 20 weeks. This is 4 weeks earlier than the federal standard. This is the slippery slope to overturning Roe vs Wade. If we don't stay on top of this diligently, this will happen. The GOP wants to redefine "rape" while also changing calling rape victims by that name. They want to call them "accusers." That significant change seems to lessen the reality of what happened. It's like accusing the victim. Since when are victims the guilty ones?

I am amazed that no one seems to be paying attention to what the Republicans are trying to do. If they keep regulating women's rights, we won't have any. Are these the kind of people we really want in power? This election is beyond crucial. We need to go out and vote in epic numbers. We have to let the Republicans know that we, as women, will not stand by idly as they reduce us back to nothing. I feel like I could rant about this forever. But, I won't. Just pay attention ladies before we find ourselves back in the olden days. This website lists some of the things that the GOP is attempting to "change." Take a stand women. We have to. Our livelihood is on the line. So, come November, let's all just say NO to Mitt Romney, the GOP, & their war against women.

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