Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's A Black & White World

I really miss those old family sitcoms that were a staple on Nick at Nite. Most of them were in black & white. I think that was a part of the appeal for me. There was something nostalgic about them. I loved how family oriented the shows were. That is clearly missing on present day television. I found myself thinking about the nights I spent watching them. I would stay up so late watching the reruns. I loved them that much. I used to make all my friends watch if they were at my house or on the phone with me. I was hooked.

My absolute favorite was "The Patty Duke Show." It was about these identical cousins with different personalities. I loved those girls. I would make sure I was home and up just to see them. It was almost always followed by another favorite "Bewitched." Sam was so amazing to me. Tabitha was adorable. That show was also a fan of "Dobie Gillis," "Green Acres," "I Love Lucy," & "Mister Ed." All of these shows made me laugh. Everything was always so simple for them. Simple can be very good. The ills of the world did not seem to permeate their sitcom world. It could be seen as unrealistic. But I always liked that aspect of the shows.

I wonder who made the decision to off these shows from Nick at Nite. I miss them. I'm sure I could find them on dvd. But, it's just not the same. I think some wholesome programming could do the world some good. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking. I guess I've just been in a reflective mood. Thinking about things from my childhood. These shows are a great memory. Can I just get them back? If only for a little while?

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