Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Childhood Memory

I couldn't remember the last time I heard the music from an ice cream truck. Or for that fact, bought an ice cream from one. Imagine my surprise and utter excitement to hear the ice cream man last night! I couldn't get outside fast enough. I didn't even really want ice cream. But that music brought me back to my childhood. Back to the hot sticky days of a New Orleans summer that were only cooled down by the coldness of am ice cream from the ice cream truck. I was always a fan of the rainbow bomb pop and the nutty buddy. I remember the days of sitting on my porch with my brother, cousins, and friends enjoying our treats. We lived for those quiet moments. It was just that simple then. It reminds me of that good feeling that I always get when I think of those days. I just had to get a Nutty Buddy when I got to the truck for nostalgia sake. I felt like a 10 year old. And, I blame the ice cream truck. It's something about that song that does something to me.

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