Thursday, September 08, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby

"I'm tryna make us 3 from the 2 still the 1" - Beyonce' "Countdown" With the cutest announcement at last week's MTV VMA's, Beyonce and Jay Z stole the show. they are having a baby! Congrats to them! In the week that has followed the announcement, I have read some of the most ridiculous things about this unborn baby and pregnancy. Things I can not wrap my head around. So, I won't. I will just continue to be happy for them. I will also block out the nonsense that some people clearly believe. I will not drink the kool-aid.

There is a blogger that has decided that Beyonce is faking her pregnancy. Really? Seriously? I do not get that at all. But then again this woman hates Beyonce, Jay Z, President Obama alike. A baby is a blessing, plain and simple. I have read that people thought the way the Carters announced their pregnancy was tacky and calculated. I personally believe that they took the power away from the paps, media, and gossip rags by telling THEIR own business themselves. What a way to cut out the middle man. I thought the anti-announcement on the MTV VMA's Black carpet was cute. And, I LOVED Beyonce's performance and Jay Z's reaction. Then again, I am a fan of both.

There has also been a backlash against single mothers. I keep seeing people tweet/tumble/post that Beyonce did it the right way. She dated, got married and then had a baby. Granted that is the way we were all taught to do things. I am not doubting that. But, the reality is that single parenthood is more prevalent than not. This is our societal norm. I do not knock single parents. I am the product of one. And, what is even funnier is the fact that my parents were married. Things fall apart. I would never base my life decisions on any celebrity. I will not be having a baby because Jay and Bey are having one. That is just crazy. Anyone who thinks like that may need some help as well.

As a fan, I loved that the normally very quiet about their personal life Carters let us in on a secret. The excitement in both of their faces was amazing. That was the look of love that night. I do not get caught up in conspiracy theories. To me, they are two great entertainers who happen to be married, in love, and expecting their first child. That is a beautiful thing. All they owe the world is to entertain us. That is all. Ain't love grand?

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