Monday, September 12, 2011

Ridiculously Random

* I am nervous about hosting my sister's baby shower this weekend. i don't really know why though.

* I know I am spoiled but I don't think that I ask more of people than what I expect of myself. I'm sorry if that's to much for you.

* Football season is official back. Yes!! But, what about my basketball though?? I really need the NBA to get it together. I cannot go through a whole fall/winter/spring/summer without basketball!! I need it.

* The Carter IV is wack!! Yes, I said it. And, I also think Baby bought up most of those copies to boost Wayne's first week sales. Watch his drop next week.

* I never knew it was possible to feel this much love for another person or receive so much love back. I feel like I'm completely consumed by it, covered in it, and enveloped by it. My heart is so entirely full.

* I'm excited about a few things. I am simply going to pray about and speak them into existence. Walking by faith alone!

* This taste of Fall that we had this last week thanks to Tropical Storm Lee was greatly appreciated. Me and my hair are thankful :) It would be nice if it stuck around.

* I think I have to stop buying so much music. My hobby is becoming an obsession.

* I cannot believe that I will be 32 this year. I still feel 25 lol. Its like the time just flew by. Wow!But, I am definitely embracing the beauty of growing older. Which is funny because turning 30 freaked me out.

* I think I've figured out my not being able to sleep at night problem. My mind is always running, even when I lay down at night. Meditating has helped in this area. Focusing on quieting the thoughts in my head while relaxing my body has been key.

* Cannot wait for it to actually be Fall/Winter. I love wearing boots and coats. LOVE IT!!

* Sometimes I act out in anger because I'm frustrated. I should stop this. It falls into the spoiled category of me wanting what I want when I want it.

* I've taken up the habit of making cookies from scratch. The results have been melt in your mouth good. So proud of me.

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