Monday, September 19, 2011

So Underrated

There are a lot of "artists" that I just don't get. I do not see or hear their talent. I can however see their lack thereof. The music business is full of a lot of fluff with no substance. I miss real music. Listening to the radio makes me so sad. There is a lack of creativity and deep thought in music. Actually the things I have been hearing mostly is crap. There is no other way to describe it. And, just because its selling does not mean that it is good music. There are a few artist that I will support.

I know that the business is about the "total package" but it seems the "talent" portion of that package is not necessarily a must. I wonder how some of these people even got deals. It's amazing to me that they have blown up. It seems that the "audience"accepts meritocracy as excellence. We are been force fed junk. I don't listen to the radio or watch 106 & Park for this reason. I like discovering new and under appreciated acts. I like to listen to things others haven't heard of yet. The underrated artists will always have my support. I will legally download their work.

I decided to just compose a short list of the artists that I feel are underrated. They don't get the shine they deserve. They produce great music and give great shows. Their record labels seem to not see their full potential. I really don't get it. Obviously, they were talented enough to be signed. But, sometime after that, things changed. I am hoping that the industry takes a major turn. I would love for things to get back to the feel good R&B of the late 80's and 90's or the make you think as well as move Hip Hop of yesteryear. I will keep my fingers crossed for that. Underrated or not, I love the music of these artists. What do you think? Who's underrated to you?

**My List**

- Corrine Bailey Rae
- Vivian Green
- Ledisi
- Joe
- Avant
- Teedra Moses
- Carl Thomas
- Tweet
- Syleena Johnson
- Wale
- Chrisette Michelle (minus most of her last cd)
- P!NK
- India Aire
- Solange Knowles
- Monica
- Brandy
- Amerie
- Joe Budden

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