Monday, September 26, 2011

Ladies Love Lyrics: Jodeci "My Heart Belongs To U"

There is no denying the impact that Jodeci had on music. They were the quintessential R&B bad boys of the 90's. Their look, sound, and tone were unique. From their first single, I was hooked. I loved them. I have to say that my favorite Jodeci cd is their sophomore one "Diary of a Mad Band." There was just something fluid about that cd. I am sad that we only got 3 cd's from this group. They def had the potential to give us more. One of my favorite songs on this cd is "My Heart Belongs To U." The lyrics always made me happy for some reason. they still have that affect on me now. One of my favorite producers mentioned this song on Twitter last night and I had to hear it. So I felt like sharing it.

"Whatever you want, whatever you need
You know I got it
And I'mma give it to you
(Whenever you want it, want it)

Anything you want from me {Yeah...yeah...} (I've got it)
Any time you want it I'll give it to you
Jo Jo, check this out

You can have my love
You're the girl of my life
Am I all you're dreamin' of
Yes, you're my desire

I wanna give you so much
For the things that you give to me
Just take my love, baby
Because you are so dear to me

Whatever you want (Ba-ba-ba-ba)
Whatever you need (Woo, yeah)
My heart belongs to you (Whatever you want, baby)
Whatever you need (Woo...)
There's nothing I won't do (And I say whatever you want, baby)

I say whatever you want
My heart belongs to you
I say whatever you need (
I'll be right here for you

Once in a lifetime
You will find someone like you
And now that I have you
Here's what I'm gonna do (I'm gonna give you so much)

I will give you my all and all
Over and over again, lady, lady, lady
Lovin' you too much, baby
Is not, is not, is not a sin"

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