Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

"If you could invite any person, living or dead, who would you invite and why?" This dinner party question has always intrigued me. I've put a lot of thought into who my guests would be. Over the years, some of my guests have changed. There are 3 that haven't at all. I would want a dinner party where there was deep conversation as well as easy laughter. I would want everyone to enjoy every minute of it.

Shawn Corey Carter. This man's mind intrigues me. He is more than a talented rapper. He's intelligent. He has a great business mind. I would love to dig into it for a while. I have been a fan since "Reasonable Doubt." The older he gets, the more I am drawn to know more about who he really is. The man has released 11 #1 solo cds. His raps are still relevant. He has cultivated his brand into a virtual cash cow. This does not happen by chance nor does it happen to everyone. He seems charismatic, charming, and funny. I think all of that would make him an interesting dinner guest.

Next I would def invite President Barack Obama. I became aware of him years before he ran for President. I was amazed by his words, the way he spoke with such conviction and his seemingly undeniable ease with people. I voted for him in 2008 because I believed he had my best interests at heart. I will be voting for him in 2012 for the same exact reason. I think conversations with him on any topic would be thought provoking and deep. His personality is warm and welcoming. I think everyone would love him as well.

Frida Kahlo would have the most interesting stories to tell. Her art pieces alone would provide hours of dissecting conversations. She is one of my favorite artists. She laid her pain bare for the world to see with no remorse. Oh and she could bring her husband as well.

Dr. Steve Perry is a educator who is changing the face of education. He is also a new author. I would love to discuss how his program is graduating 100% of his students and also sending them to college. That number is astounding and quite unbelievable. I would love to hear him tell how he became so focused on education and what it all means to him.

Morris Block was my Speech and Debate Sponsor in middle and high school. I loved everything about him. He knew a little bit about everything. I think his love of literature, poetry, and the theater was infectious. I've never seen the man meet a stranger. He could engage with any and everyone. He passed when I was in college. He was also one of my favorite teachers as well as people. He would make a wonderful dinner guest.

My final guest would be my Dad. He was a very personable man. A true comedian to his heart. He was always the life of the party. Everyone knew his name and were happy to see him arrive. He would not be intimidated by any celebrity there. He would just be comfortable and himself. I would be proud. This would be the dinner party of my life. I would be the perfect hostess and chef. My dinner party would be an absolute success.

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