Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tat My Name...What?

I am a Drake fan. I have been since his second mixtape. Way before Wayne got ahold of him, way before he was YMCMB. I was a fan. A few nights ago, the Twitterverae was all caught up when Drake and Rick Ross' "Free Spirit" dropped. The beat is ridiculous and I love Drake's verse. I am indifferent to Ross though. There is one line in the chorus that has bugged me since I heard it. "Tat my name on it so I know that it's real." Ummm, sir, WHAT??? What type of ghetto, ignorant ish is this? Tattoo's are permanent. Music careers are not.

I think that Drake is tripping with this one line. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE tattoos. I have a few. I really want at least two more (small) ones. But, tattooing a man's name on me ain't it. I do not believe in such foolishness. That one act would not prove that I loved a man. Nor would it prove that the relationship will last. And, I wonder exactly how could me tattooing his name on my body prove that its "real?" In my eyes, it's real dumb. I would never do that. It goes against everything that I believe in. My love for said man would be proven in a plethora of other ways that would clearly mean more. Conversely, I would absolutely die if a man tatted my name on him. I would be highly concerned. It is not an act of love that I need, want, or desire. And, if he is with me, he would already know this about me. I am totally against it.

Strangely enough, I do not think some rappers realize their influence over young impressionable minds. Drake has a large younger following. Maybe his lyrics should be a little more accountable. I also spotted a picture of a young girl with "Drizzy Drake" tattooed on the back of her thighs. o_O Ma'am? Really? I am dumbfounded. This is insane. In the words of my cousin Janelle, "the children are clearly not our future anymore!" I am still shaking my head. So, in response to Aubrey Drake Graham, "No, sir, I WILL NOT tat your f'n name to let you know it's real." A real man who is in a relationship and in love with me already knows it is so real. No tattoos needed.


  1. justchartina16 September, 2011

    Love it Kenda! Absolutely right..NOT going down!!

  2. Lol girl you already know. It's just insane. Thanks for commenting, Chartina!