Sunday, November 04, 2012

Get Into It: Ne-yo's "R.E.D."

Ne-yo is one of my favorite voices/songwriters of the last 7 years. I've been a fan since his first single. I've blogged about him before here and here. There is something about his music that always makes me feel good. Always. He has the ability to create wonderful works of art. His new cd "R.E.D." drops on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th. "R.E.D." stands for "realizing every dream." The cd was first titled "The Cracks In Mr. Perfect" which I thought was a dope title. I can say that his last project was not that great. "Libra Scale" was more miss than hit. I was not happy with it. Ne-yo has redeemed himself. He is back with great music.

"R.E.D." is just great music. I really enjoyed this cd from beginning to end. The vibe of the cd is just really chill. I didn't skip any songs. It just feels like a Ne-yo cd. It has that Ne-yo feel from his earlier cd's. I am very happy that he has returned to his roots. This is a very good look for him. He has a hit on his hands. He has a lot of single worthy tracks on his hand. I heard it and love it. Hope you guys do as well. Go ahead an get into it. Here's my review of the songs off "R.E.D."

"Cracks In Mr. Perfect" - This song was what the album was supposed to be titled. Very honest track. I love the vulnerability that Shaffer shows here.

"Lazy Love" - This is his current single and it is amazing. It is catchy and sexy as hell. I've loved it since I first heard it.

"Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)" - This is a very Ero-pop dance track. I am never hear fro that genre...not even from one of my favorite artists.

"Miss Right" - Is a very laid back track. I dig it. Who wouldn't want to be their man's "Miss Right?"

"Jealous" - We've all felt this way at some time. I found myself two stepping to this one.

"Don't Make Em Like You (feat Wiz Khalifa)" - Love this. The lyrics are very dope. I'm not a fan of Wiz but he's cool on this one.

"Be The One" - I love everything about this track. It has a groovy feel to it.

"Stress Reliever" - This song is perfect lusty music. It's very sexual. Ne-yo is good for dropping that one truly sexy track into his projects. One of my favorites.

"She Is (feat Tim McGraw)" - From the title/feature alone, I was a little apprehensive. It actually works.

"Carry On (Her Letter To Him)" - This seems like it was a reference track. It just seems out of place on his cd.

"Forever Now" - Another dance track. Unlike the other one, I actually like this one.

"Shut Me Down" - This is a mid-tempo song that I really like. I prefer Ne-yo on ballads but this works. "For what its worth, I'm in love with you" my favorite line.

"Unconditional" - Another track that will get a lot of play with me. It's just my type of song.

"Should Be You (feat. Fabolous & Diddy)" - Any time that Ne-yo and Fab hook up on a track, it is golden. Think I'm kidding, see "Make Me Better" and "She Got Her Own (remix)." This track is no different. Love it. Let's just forget that Diddy makes a lackluster appearance.

"My Other Gun" - This is a love song. Kinda like a Bonnie and Clyde ode to his ride or die chick. I dig it.

"Alone With You (Maddie's Song)" - This track is dedicated to his daughter. I love when artists write about their kids. Great Daddy-daughter song.

"Let's Go" - Not my type of song.

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