Sunday, November 11, 2012

Get Into It: HBO's "Treme"

"Treme" is an HBO show based on New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina. It shows the personal struggles of families as they tried to rebuild. It looks into the political side of things as well as the law enforcement side of things. It touches on every story that needed to be told. It shows the way New Orleans rose from the ashes. Everything about this show makes me happy. It is a great representation of my city. The city that raised me, the city that fought back from a huge adversity. I knew that the team that was behind the stellar show "The Wire" would get it right. The producers got Baltimore spot on and they did the same with New Orleans. The characters feel real and authentic. The music is another pivotal character on "Treme."

"Treme" gets it so right. The feel of New Orleans, the people, the food, and the resilience translates through the screen. I love how authentic this show feels. I love how the producers portray all aspects of this city. From the cops to the lawyers to the politicians all the way to the normal people, New Orleans is fully represented. It is just a great show that I thoroughly enjoy. "Treme" is in the middle of its third season. It has gotten better and better. It will wrap after its shortened 4th season. I will be sad to see it go. but, am so thankful that it was shown. "Treme" makes this native New Orleanian uber proud of the city that birthed me. It is on HBO on Sunday nights @ 9pm. Get into it.

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