Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In My Demise...

This topic is a bit morbid. But, it's something that I need to discuss. Death is a guaranteed part of life. More of us can avoid it. We are born with the notion that death will come. I don't spend much time thinking about my demise. But, I had a thought. I hate funerals. Hate them. I've attended way too many funerals in my lifetime. Between 1997-2000, I lost 4 very important people in my life. Those funerals drained me. I try to avoid them at all costs. I've decided that I do not want a funeral. I don't want to be put in a casket and put on display. I don't want people standing over me, looking at me. That is not the image I want to leave with my loved ones. I don't want my body put into the ground.

I would prefer to be cremated. I do not want to be put into an urn and sat on a mantle for all eternity. My ashes can be spread out on the ocean. I want a celebration of my life. A party with all the people who loved me. I want colorful tulips all over the place since they are my favorites. Celebrate me. Let them tell funny stories about me. I want them to laugh, eat and drink in my memory. And, there must be music. Lots of music. A true celebration of my life. That's the way I want to leave this Earth. No tears are allowed. I think this scenario will be best. A space filled with my memory and my larger than life personality is what happiness feels like to me. Funerals are always so hard on people. I don't want to put that on my family. Celebrating the woman that I was and what I've done is the best home-going ceremony in my mind. What do you guys think? Let's discuss.

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