Monday, November 26, 2012


When I saw this, I read it over and over again. Rules are the boundaries of our lives from the beginning. Rules gives us structure. They define the parameters of everything. As teenagers, we challenge every rule. We want to bend them, test them, break them and forget about them. Rules to teenagers are something to turn one's nose up at. As an adult, we define our own rules for our lives. Sometimes, it can be hard to break free of the rules of our parents, teachers and bosses.

We slowly feel our way around our own rules. We keep those that work in our favor, throw out the ones that suffocate us. But, there are always rules. Whether they are slight or heavy, they exist. I try to live my life by my own rules. Many don't like that or agree. But, my life is my own. I am thankful that I know what works for me. I know how far I am willing to push it, push myself. Rules can be helpful. Society wants me to be many things inside a certain box. I'm inclined to be my own version of myself...way outside of the box. I rule me. End of discussion.

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