Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 23: You Make Me Better

"I'm a movement by myself, but I'm a force when we're together. Papi, I'm good all by myself. But, baby, you make me better. You make me better." ~ Fabolous & Ne-yo "You Make Me Better"

You ever meet someone who makes you better instantly and makes you wanna be better for them? I have. He is intelligent and funny and sincere and warm and giving. And, he makes me want to achieve more, do more, be more. There is just something about him that I feel deep in my soul. He is so much like me that its scary. He's the ying to my yang as he says. We are the accompanying pieces to each other proverbial puzzles. Simply put, he makes me a better person, a better woman for knowing him. Regardless of what happens or doesn't happen, I'm better because of this relationship. I've never felt like this before and it's scary and exciting all at the same time. He calls me beautiful and because of him I've never felt more beautiful. I love the way he sees me. I could go on and on about his great endearing qualities. But this blog post has to end soon and I'd still be writing lol.

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