Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Petition to Secede

Not when George W. Bush was leading us into a war on the hunt for non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Not when Bush was tanking the economy. But, now. Now, when the country has overwhelmingly re-elected the Black President again. Now, when the people have spoken by more then 3.5 million votes on who they believe in more. Only now have 23 states started a petition to secede from the Union. Why? Why now? The only thing I see is color. I am not a woman who sees racism wherever she looks. But, I am a woman who knows racism when I see it. Other than the President self identifying as a Black man and looking like a Black man, I cannot understand the issues. In his first term, he was stunted by filibuster after filibuster by the GOP. He was also met with roadblocks to any and almost everything he tried to do. I do not know of any other President in recent history that has been faced with so much hatred and insubordination. From day one, Senator leader Mitch McConnell said that their (GOP members) only goal was to make President Obama a one-term President by any means necessary. Ironically, they failed. Miserably. So, now there is this plan to embarrass him. It makes me sick that people are this blatantly racist.

There are two articles that I've read over the last few days that have shined a light brightly on this subject. They are this article and this one. Please do yourself a favor and read the ridiculousness that is white privilege in America. Who the hell do these people think they are? Also, how stupid are they? Yes, you can petition until you are blue in the face. But, the kick of this situation is this: in order to secede, you NEED the permission of the President. On the White house website, you can file a petition. If it gets 25,000 signatures in a 30 day period, the President will review it and decide what to do. But, seriously, what President in his right mind would give into a tactic such as this? One does not reward unruly children with gifts. I read the below and had to share because it was so true.

Dear Louisiana: You cannot remove yourself from a union that pays to feed, educate, shelter, and clothe a large portion of your population, subsidizes the vast majority of your economy, provides border-free tourism to support your largest university's athletics department and your largest cities, and routinely makes massive payments to protect, restore, and rebuild your coast.

You would have to create treaties and pay tariffs in order to import, refine, and then export for sale any oil pulled from offshore. You would have to pay a fine to continue using any interstate roads, pipelines, trains, etc. You would no longer benefit from the use of Border Patrol, ICE, The Navy, Air Force, Marines, NASA, Army, or the nationally funded National Guard. You would also need to create your own air space controller system, and have those people interact routinely with now international airspace controllers. Speaking of, any use of aircraft near the border of ...your airspace is a threat, and outside of your airspace is an attack.

You are now not allowed to use nuclear power, losing Louisiana many thousands of jobs and requiring you to purchase all electricity from the USA. Sorry, but new countries with nuclear powers are a threat, remember?

Do you have family in the USA? You cannot visit without a visa, and any attempt to do so is illegal immigration. Your students are no longer accepted as licensed professionals outside of your borders without retaking any licensing exams and the federal money given to your schools is no longer, so the higher education program will collapse. Healthcare companies no longer have any bylaws or contracts, so health insurance effectively does not exist in this new country. There go the hospitals.

Your police force cannot cross the border, so anyone leaving your state after committing any crime is safe under amnesty laws, and you will have to pay a high price to extradite them- and put them in now unfunded prisons.

I could go on but surely you see the idiocy of this idea by now?

Thought so.

One last note: Your agriculture is now entirely unable to be sold anywhere but Louisiana due to import and quarantine laws- both animals and plants.

Leaving the union sounds great when you are cherry picking your issues, but in reality, the USA needs you infinitely less than you need it.

I thought after the election I would get a break on blogging about politics. I was worn out. Happily worn out after the President won. But, here we are a week later, and there is even a more ridiculous political conversation. I am disgusted all over again with people. Some ignoramus from my home state started this petition here. well, I am a Democrat living in Louisiana who is not signing a petition so frivolous and childish. I like my President. I believe in him. And, furthermore, if I could live through the Presidency of an idiot like George W. Bush, then I can surely survive this one. I just want people, in general, to be smarter. Think with the brain in their heads and not the hate in their hearts. And, if anyone is so upset with the President and the state of this great country, then they should all feel free to leave...this country. Book a flight and catch a plane overseas. Trust me, you will never be freer anywhere on Earth than you are here in America. That I know is true.