Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This is Insane!

The old saying goes that you don't poke a sleeping bear. That was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the Twitter feud between Chris Brown and a virtually unknown to me comedic writer named Jenny Johnson. This post is not about Brown's character or his domestic violence past. I am not hear to discuss all of that. However, I will say that no man should put his hands on no woman. I do not support that at all. Because if a man ever gets the misguided notion to raise his hands to me, it will not end well. I will not stand for that. Ever. Now, that I've gotten that out of the way, let's discuss. Johnson has been poking Brown for years on Twitter. I've read so many tweets that Brown should just brush it off. That as a celeb, he should have tougher skin. I disagree. He is human first and foremost. Someone say awful things to you constantly would get to any one. That is the reality.

What happened next was vile. Brown reacted to her tweets. He was disrespectful and gross and rude. Johnson was rude, ignorant and got the response that she clearly has been pushing for. They are both wrong. She is too old to be bullying a kid. Yes, he is a kid under her. She has to know better. I took a look at her Twitter feed. For a comedic writer, she isn't funny in the least. Not one tweet made me giggle. She seems to be very mean spirited and unhappy in general. Brown knows that all eyes are on him. There are certain folks who are just waiting for him to screw up again. He keeps falling into the trap. He keeps doing exactly what he doesn't need to. He was punished for his crime. His victim has clearly forgiven him. It is not up to the public to persecute him. But, many still do. We, as a people, are wholly too judgmental.

It bothers me to think that if this comedic writer was a Black woman, the mainstream media would not have been so quick to defend her. Jenny Johnson is NOT the victim here. For over 2 years, she bullied Brown, antagonized him. Almost daily, she had something negative to tweet to him. Her anger at him seems misplaced and out of line. She was not his victim. The bottom line is that both Johnson and Brown were wrong. Both were disrespectful. Both should walk away from Twitter. Brown deleted his Twitter. I think Johnson should follow suit. People go to far. Both of them did. It was really horrible to read. I cannot believe that this was an interaction between a guy in his early 20's and a woman who has to be in her late 40's. To quote Rihanna, "we have got to do better."

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