Monday, November 19, 2012

BET Changes "Don't Sleep"

I have been a fan of TJ Holmes since he first blessed my screen on CNN. I loved his passion for reporting about stories that meant something to him. He was always passionate about everything. I was shocked when I heard that he had left CNN for BET. What? I saw this as a step down. Not a lateral or upwardly mobile move. CNN is the upper echelon of news reporting. BET is not known for any true uplifting programming. And, truth be told, other than "The Game," "Reed Between The Lines," I do not even watch the channel. BET is suffering from bad leadership I believe under Debra Lee. A channel that was developed for African American based programming is lacking so much depth. But, that is another topic for another day. Holmes new show "Don't Sleep" premiered on October 1st as a 1/2 hour news driven program.

I tuned in early and often. I liked the format, the set and the host. Hated the name. I mean really "Don't Sleep?" It's silly and childish. I think the name should have been rethought. It just doesn't pull you in. Also, Holmes' closing line is corny as hell. "You can go to bed, but don't sleep." It's just not enough for me. My biggest gripe about the show is that it is too short. Only 30 minutes for news programming, BET? Why? The following half hour is being filled with reruns of "The Game." I wanted an hour. My prayers were answered when I read this Washington Post article. Finally, I get an hour. But, here comes the bad news. The show is being pulled from nightly showings to a once a week hour long show. BET still cannot get it right.

There is no other original programming being shown on the network right now. Why wouldn't the powers that be leave the show on all week? I do not get what sense this makes. I haven't been very happy about the programming options on BET for years now. It has progressively gotten worse. "The Game" fired Tia Mowry-Hardrict, the lead of the show. I most likely won't be watching the 6th season of the show. BET ruined it. Tracee Ellis Ross is not coming back for the second season of "Reed Between The Lines" which will leave a huge hole in that show. Ever since the Johnson's sold BET to Viacom, the channel has been on a fast decline. "Don't Sleep" is being dealt the same horrible fate. I want to have hope that the show will stick around. But, this latest move doesn't give me much hope. I am sad. But I will still watch for as long as it shows. You should too. Remember, "Don't Sleep" will now air every Wednesday at 10pm. Get into it and TJ Holmes.

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