Sunday, November 18, 2012

Politics As Usual

You may or may not the man above. Let me introduce you to the governor of my state. His given name is Piyush Jindal. He goes by the very Americanized name of Bobby. He does not answer to his given name. Every move he has made is to strategically place himself in the best position. The problem with hie plan is that his record will follow him. And, it is nothing to be proud of. He is single handedly killing my state. He is so focused on his next political move that he does not care about any of his constituents. He just drafted a letter and sent it to the White House declining to institute the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). The government will pay for the program 100% for the first two years. It would cost the state nothing. It would take care of kids and elderly people who do not have insurance. Jindal refuses to implement it. Thankfully, the President does not need his approval or cooperation. Obamacare is the law. This is just one huge red mark on his record.

One of my favorite political show hosts Mrs. Melissa Harris-Perry wrote an open letter to the Republican Governor. She is also lives in New Orleans as well. She knows first hand what this state needs and is lacking. Her letter is direct and concise.
"If all you want is to reach higher office, pull a 'Palin' and quit now."
She goes on to say that Jindal "does not give a damn about his own backyard." And, she is beyond correct. His actions have shown this in the last few years. He has mentally checked out. When he talks now, his eyes never seem here. He is never coherent. You can read the entire thing here. My hometown paper also took a stance on the Governor. That article is here. The man is politically driven and motivated. The problem is when that motivation drives you to completely disregard the same people who voted for you. Granted, I did not vote for this farce of a man. I am not a fan of anything he has done. I though I would get a break from writing about politics for a while. But, the Republicans keep saying dumb things like this. I think I am done ranting for a while.

And, just because the track below inspired the title, here's a little Jay-Z to take us out! "Politics as Usual"

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