Thursday, December 29, 2011

Biggest Stories of The Year

There were some huge media stories this year. Many captured my attention for months. I always seem to get caught up in stories that have to do with the law, politics and crimes. There were more than a handful of those things year. Some had really happy endings, some did not. Some of these stories still make me angry to even write about them. These are, however, the ones who held my attention and all of my opinions.

° Casey Anthony Not Guilty - One of the biggest miscarriages of justice I've ever seen. The bottom line is Caylee is dead. She was killed and there was no justice served here. The evidence in the case was circumstantial but there was clearly a body. The trial was a media circus. And, I truly believe had Casey been a minority woman instead of a white one, she would be behind bars on death row. I'm disgusted with our legal system. There is no reason that Caylee should be dead and her Mom is not in jail.

° Troy Davis executed - This man's trial and conviction were another sad injustice case. Eye witnesses recanted their stories. He was granted a few stay of executions. This year, his luck ran out. Troy Davis was executed and there is a great chance that he wasn't guilty of what he was charged with. The difference here is he is a Black man accused of killing a white cop. Justice is not blind. I never believed that. But I saw it clearly this summer.

° Amanda Knox freed from Italian jail - This case made everyone I know rethink any long extended stays overseas. I believe this woman was falsely accused, prosecuted, and jailed. She spent for years in an Italian jail n a murder charge. Besides the fact that the victim was her flatmate, there was no physical evidence linking her to the crime. She was railroaded for being a young American girl who had a appetite for sex. The Italian papers depicted Amanda as some sex goddess and the murder as a crime of passion due to illicit sex. The conviction was overturned and she is back on U.S. soil. I would never leave home again if I were her.

° Herman Cain/Michelle Bachmann/Sarah Palin/GOP clusterfuck - The Republican party has become a joke. There is not one leader amongst the group of contenders for the 2012 elections. It is literally a group of clowns. One worse than their predecessor. The Tea Party is even more of a joke. I never thought I'd see the day that a Black man would run my country. I'm so glad I lived to see it. I also never could have predicted that the plethora of closeted racists would show their true colors when this happened. I am appalled at the actions and words of people who literally hate President Obama. The closer it get to the election day, the crazier they will become. Just watch and see.

° Watch The Throne cd/tour - Biggest thing in music this year. Great cd from two amazing artists. Even greater concert. Incredible music, especially performed live, makes me happy. Watch The Throne was all of the above for me. I may be biased by it is what it is. The night WTT dropped, I remember being on Twitter. It was the ONLY topic discussed. It was amazing to experience the music at the exact same time as everyone else in the world. It was the only cd I listened to for weeks on end. Three months later, I was in the Arena to experience it first hand. There are no more words I can write about it.

Yes, a lot of things happened this year. The weather was crazy. Mother Nature freaked out multiple times. I saw plenty of sad stories on the local news, in the newspaper and online. But these are the things that stuck with me. They are the ones who caused a reaction within me. 2011 was on intense year. 2012 has got to be calmer, right? Prayers sent up on that one. From my mouth to God's ears.

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