Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Need A Drink!!

This posts title is accurate. It's been one of those days. I just need one. I like a good drink every now and then. I've noticed that the older that I get, the less I drink. I am, by nature, a vodka girl. I prefer top shelf vodkas. I love Grey Goose, like Ciroc, Belve and Ketel One. I do not rock with Taaka. It's gross. Any mixed drink where vodka is involved is a good one to me. Especially martini's. The dirtier, the better. But, I also can drink it straight, with pineapple juice or on the rocks. I don't care for any brown liquors. They don't agree with me and I don't care for the taste.

Outside of vodka, I am all about the great glass of wine. I love merlots as well as pinot grigio's. I like reds just as much as whites. I'm split on blush wines though. Champagne makes me giggly. I think its a waste of money since there is only about 4 glasses per bottle. It's nice for a party. But it not something I would spent my money on. A good drink can fix anything in that moment. It takes my mind off of whatever is going on. It relaxes me. That is always a great thing. What do you guys drink? Do you have a signature one? Tell me!


  1. Barefoot moscato - add orange slices!

  2. I am a fan of Barefoot. I have to try the orange slices though. Thanks.

  3. Oranges are a must and are great by themselves with moscato. But also try mango, raspberries, or whatever else you like too!