Saturday, December 17, 2011

Do You Self Date?

Self dating is something I approve of. It takes some heart to do. And, everyone will not be into it. How comfortable are you with yourself? Do you go out to eat alone? Or to the movies alone? I think that it important to do so. Whether you are in a relationship or not. I think that I have to enjoy my own company before I can expect anyone else to.

I did just this yesterday evening. I took myself out for a belated birthday dinner. I went to Zea's and sat in a booth alone. I enjoyed a salad, Thai ribs, greens, fries and a glass of Merlot. I was there alone for about an hour. I didn't pick up my phone once. I just thoroughly enjoyed my meal and the company of myself. It wasn't uncomfortable at all. The restaurant was fairly packed. But, this isn't something new. I've done it before. I'm sure I'll do it again. It's chicken soup for my soul. I had a very subdued birthday so I felt the need to indulge myself. After all, it's still my birthday week. I also got a free drink since I mentioned it was my birthday dinner. So, it was a win all the way around.

I used to be terrified of doing anything like that alone. I don't know why though. I confronted my fears and few years back. I realized that sometimes I just need to be with myself. I find that I strike up more conversations with the wait staff or other patrons. Sometimes I day dream a lot. Either way, I always enjoy myself and my meals, movies or pedicures. Do any of you self date? Or are you afraid of it? Let me know.


  1. "It's chicken soup for my soul:" Love it! ..I've gone to the movies twice solo - bawled my eyes out both times (Dream Girls and a inspirational basketball movie a few years back that dealt with racial tensions). Funny that I read this today though - I went to church alone this morning and then breakfast as well. Usually Mr. B and I do that every Sunday together however he had a little too much fun last night. I was hot girl - but didn't break tradition ;)Like you say, it's therapeutic. Happy Birthday Week!

  2. In high school, I lived for the chicken soup books. So that's what inspired the line. Lol @ you and him. I can definitely understand you being upset. There is nothing better than just a little "me time" in the form of self dating. I am never opposed to doing things alone. Thank for the Bday wishes!