Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Classic Music: Dru Hill's "Enter The Dru"

Dru Hill's sophomore cd "Enter The Dru" is a classic in my mind. They came on the scene with a great debut cd. And, it's not often that a person or group's second offering is better than the first. This is exactly what happened with Dru Hill. From the Intro to the last song, I am still in love with this music. This was a group of men where every member could sing and hold their own vocally. The group and the label did a great job of picking singles as well. "How Deep Is your Love," "These Are The Times," and "You Are Everything" all charted well. I think that they could've squeezed at least three more singles out of this cd. Namely "Beauty" which received lots of unofficial radio play as well as "Angel" and "What Are We Gonna Do?"

Thirteen years later amd I can still listen to this cd straight through. It's just good music. It takes me back to the day I first heard this cd. I was a fan before this but something about this cd made me a true believer. The one thing I regret is never seeing the group live in concert to perform some of my favorite cuts. There is a strange thing going on in R&B today. It's not as soulful as it once was. Lyrics aren't as deep and meaningful as they used to be. Hearing this cd reminds me of when R&B was really good.I did read that the guys released a cd last year. Apparently, I missed it. I don't recall hearing any singles from them. That makes me sad. Artists with real talent are being overlooked for artists with gimmicks and little to no talent. That's why I miss 90's R&B. Classic music is timeless. So, below are some of my favorite unreleased tracks from Dru Hill's "Enter The Dru."

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