Monday, January 31, 2011

Get Into It: Pandora (Internet Radio)

Pandora has to be one of my favorite discoveries. It is personalized Internet radio. As an avid music lover, I don't think there is anything better. You can make stations for your favorite artists or favorite genres of music. The commercials are minimum at best. The music is endless which I love. IT helps the day go by faster listening to the artists that I wanna hear and not what "radio" has deemed the new hotness. I have been into Pandora for a few years now. I also love it so much I have the app on my Evo as well. I also love that I can share my stations with my friends and vice versa. If you are not currently up on Pandora, I suggest you get into it and soon!

Some of my Pandora stations are:

* Jay-Z
* Teena Marie
* Sunday Morning
* Alternative Soul
* Trey Songz
* Drake

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