Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I like to know things. I love to learn and be informed. I'm a Sagittarius so by nature I'm inquisitive. I always have questions running rampant in my mind. Most I tend to answer on my own. We're human so questioning everything is in our DNA. I am always questioning something. Usually in my head. I also tend to write down questions about things I do not understand. I will investigate any and every thing. I love to know things.

Sometimes, there are questions we are afraid to ask. Because the answer scares the hell out of us. But, if a question is heavy on your mind and in your heart, it's impossible to not ask it. Or, maybe it's just me. The outcome could be the exact answer I was looking for which would be awesome. Or it could be something that would hurt me. I'd rather know either way. When I get the answer, I'll know how to proceed.

And, sometimes, I get an even better answer than the one I was hoping for. It's so very easy to expect the worst in people. Sometimes, people can shock you, in a good way. I absolutely love when that happens. It's the best thing ever. I question everyone and everything. It's the only way I know how to function. Now, I'm gonna go back to think about some more questions.

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