Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My "The Game" Review

"The Game" premiered last night. And only one word can fully describe it: Whoa!!! It was everything and nothing. It was great and it was not so great. But, the fan in me was ultimately pleased to see the cast back on tv...even if its on BET. The producers made a huge change from the show being a comedy with some drama to a dramedy with some comedy. This will take some people time to get used to. Me, not so much.

There were loads of great points to last night's premiere. Love that Derwin is the new it guy. Love him and Girl Melanie @ the photo shoot. Love Tasha Mack getting her Stella on with Terrence J. Jason being disgruntled is quite funny to see play out. I wonder if he's gonna transition to commentating once he's through with football. The new houses are all great. Malik's house is ridiculously extravagant as it should be since he's such a cliche'. Tee Tee finally manning up to Malik and getting his own life is way overdue. Kelly's reality show is so 2011. I love that aspect since the world is so focused on the lives of celebrities. Tasha and Dante's relationship is def a good look. I like Terrence J. This new dark Malik is gonna take some getting used to. I am intrigued though.

I, however, did not love some things. Med School giving up med school to be the wife of a baller seems silly. Especially since they don't have any kids (DJ has a Mom & I'm sure he isn't with them 24/7). Malik treating Tee Tee like dirt and sleeping with his girl was not a good look. Neither is his affair with his boss' wife. Tasha Mack and Kelly still beefing two years later is wack. As is the fact that Tasha would be scared of Kelly. It's not believable or realistic to me. Tasha smoking a Black & Mild was just all sorts of wrong. The new, older Brit Brat is no bueno. the show was only gone two years and they've aged her at least 5. This bitter, trashy Kelly is def a lot to adjust to. I understand why but I'm not sold on it.

Overall, I am hapy that the show is back. And, apparently so are 7.7 million other people since that's how many of us watched the premiere. Those are awesome numbers. I hope that the numbers stay up. I cannot wait to watch what happens this season week by week. Will Melanie tell Derwin the truth? Will they get DJ another DNA test? What will happen between Melanie and Janay? Melanie and Derwin? Will Tasha and Dante make it? Who else will Malik mess over? Will his boss find out about the affair? Will Tee Tee blow the whistle on the affair? Will Kelly stop being so bitter? Will Jason and Kelly get back together? I swear I have so many questions going forward into the season. I have a feeling that it will get better and better. In the words of Tasha Mack, "Game on, b**ches!!!"


  1. I enjoyed the show but agree with the things you have mentioned as NOT loving. There were some parts that went a little overboard but also some that made me cringe in the 'this is all too real' way. I am excited to stay tuned and to see the return of a great show with a (mostly) all black cast. What do you think about Girlfriends coming back... that would be nice.

  2. Girl!!! If they were to bring "Girlfriends" back, I would be all about it. That was me and my friends show, along with "Sex and the City." I hated that it was cancelled so suddenly. We didn't even get a finale. But, they would have to bring back Toni childs as well. She was my fave lol.

  3. Mos def. After Toni left the show just wasn't the same!// ...I JUST discovered Sex in the City a year ago - I liiike it! I don't know how I missed out on it for so long but I can relate and identify with those women. The issues they face in that show are REAL women problems - universal. I JUST watched the second movie the other day. Again, while some things went a little overboard I felt a lot of it. They got deep/ real with the issues that take place in long-term relationships (fear of aging quickly, needing space, insecurity, wondering if you're in the RIGHT relationship, chasing fantasies, etc)...

  4. The 1st "Sex and the City" moivie was e-very-thing to me. Awesome personified. Loved every bit of it. The 2nd one was just ok but I enjoyed the fantasy aspect of it. Toni "I Specialize in Results" Childs was "Girlfriends" to me. The show was never the same after she left. They left so many questions unanswered with "Girlfriends." That is the thing that made me so sad about it ending so suddenly.