Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm Sending You Some Text Messages

Do you remember the world before the introduction of text messaging? It seems so long ago. I can't really remember my world before texting. Isn't that sad? Lol, I think so. We have adapted to this technology and ran with it. I don't know anyone who doesn't love to text. It is quick and easy. We are a nation of texters. I think anyone from the age of 5 -50 is into it, can do it. Texting has replaced a lot of face to face conversation.

Text messaging has completely changed the way we communicate. It's simple and easy. We can get our thoughts and questions out in 169 characters or less. This is essentially the gift and the curse. Sometimes tone can be misconstrued. Sometimes that "lol" seems forced and outta place. Words typed out in a text can sometimes come across as cold and unfeeling. But, on the flip side of this, one text from the right person can change your whole day. One greatly worded text from the right person can literally make one's day. I am always conscious of exactly what I text and to whom. I am a flirt. It's mostly never intentional. But, I do not want any man to think I'm flirting with him, except for HIM :) I can be very blunt and to the point in person and via text. Sometimes I have to alter my responses to people because of this. I never want to hurt my friends or families feelings. Especially not via text.

Some folks have loss the art of true communication. Because if two people can text all day but have no thing to talk about face to face or via the phone, there is a real issue here. Texting is great. I'm not knocking it. I am the queen of texting. Ask Sprint about me lol. But, I do not fall into that group. I love to express myself, my thoughts. I know how, when and why to use my words. I'm a great listener and am no stranger to holding an intellectual/funny/silly/serious/thought-provoking conversations as well. Sometimes, I think we allow technology to take up too much space in our lives. We need to snatch back some of it sometimes. Communication is the ultimate foundation to any good relationship of any kind.

I also feel that some use texting as a way of growing a pair. I mean, there are some texts that I have received in the past that made me take a second look. Because I know the sender would never be so bold as to ask/say such things to my face. I think that is hilarious. Texts give some a green light to be very fresh. I'm me all the time. What you see on this blog is me. Whatever I text, I would say to your face. But, some take real liberties via text. I will always giggle whenever I get such foolish texts. I am the person who will call you and say "What did you text me? I need to hear you say it." It's not about confrontation. I like clarity in my life.

Texting isn't going anywhere. It is simply a part of who we are a s a culture. I like to express myself verbally and textually. What do you guys think? How do you feel about texting? Have you ever had a misunderstanding because of texting? Let me know! Talk to me!


  1. I JUST had this conversation with The New Guy last night lol. I am the Text Queen!!! About 6000 a month (that's so shallow and sad). I'd rather get to the point; have a conversation and still be able to do whatever else it is I'm doing. Not feel the pressure to "keep talking"; have time to think about my responses; and no lulls like with phone conversations.

    But I've had to accept that A LOT can be lost in translation with texting. It had led to many misunderstandings because, like u said, tone can be misconstrued. In the "getting to know you" stage, there's no room for that. So I've compromised and we talk on the phone more. And that's much better. Less bickering lol. I understand him better. And some things are just music to the ears! Some of the things he said to me last night wouldn't have made me smile as hard via text.

  2. I am huge on texting as well. But, I have certainly have had some miscommunication because of it. Crazy how something so simple can end up complicating things. I love to read his words but there is nothing like hearing his voice say them. That is the best drug in the world. Like I literally light up and have a smile plastered on my face for days. I'm sure the feeling is mutual. We've allowed technoilogy to replace something that is very precious. So its up to us to snatch a little of it back, if only for ourselves.