Monday, January 31, 2011

To Snoop Or Not To Snoop?!?

That is really the question. I am a very inquisitive chick. Always have been. Being a reporter/editor for my High School newspaper and yearbook, did not squash this. I want to know things by nature. What can I say? I like to be well informed. This could be the gift and the curse though. This could be the best and/or the worse when my inquisitive nature is peaked. But are we searching for the truth or just looking for trouble?

I do not snoop...anymore. I have been reformed of this habit. I learned my lesson a long time ago. The old adage is true. When you go looking for something, you will def find exactly what you were looking for. That, in the past, has been heartbreaking for me. In actuality, I had a gut feeling that I was being played. I never disregard my feelings. They have never led me astray. The situation is a familiar one to most. I thought my then bf was cheating. A little cell phone scrolling gave me the definitive answer. My gut feeling was so right. Granted, I was hurt. But, I was also glad to have an answer to quell the feeling I had been living with.

I think that lack of trust is the most determining factor when it comes to snooping. When I have a feeling, I am moving on it. That means that internally I know something is off or is not right. When I was a *ahem* snoop, I never felt bad about doing what needed to be done to protect me. Because when I was in that particular relationship, I had to love myself more than that guy. Snooping did not blow up in my face and I didn't get caught. But, I think I'm just too old to play those games any more. I hope that I am never put in that position again. It wasn't a good look. Nor did I like the female I was playing. She wasn't me. She could never be me. Because everything that she stood for was contradictory to everything that I was then or am now.

Snooping is not for the faint of heart. You have to have a strong back when you go looking for trouble so to speak. Isn't it crazy the things we all do for love? I also wonder if women are more prone to snooping. Or are men just as quick to get into the act of finding things out? Oh yeah, this entire post was inspired by the SATC episode, when Carrie searched her new guys entire apartment and eventually found some very interesting dvds. Do any of you snoop? Has it ever blew up in your face? Ever got caught in the act? Talk to me...

"Some people develop eye strain when looking for trouble." - Source Unknown

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