Monday, January 03, 2011

Just Say No To Reality TV

Hello. My name is Kenda and I am addicted to reality tv. I was a reluctant viewer at first. But now, I am deeply immersed in it. I've come to the conclusion that my intelligence is really being insulted by this dumbing down of American television. I need an exit strategy asap. So, in this very beginning of this new year, I feel the need to ween myself off of it.

The first causalities of this year has been "Brandy & Ray J Family Business." This was an easy decision because Ray J is beyond wack. This is further made obvious by the fact that he has no clue that he thinks he is so cool. This show comes off very scripted and just forced. So, I'm clearly saying bye-bye to the Norwoods. Another one that has to go is Teen mom and 16 & Pregnant. These two shows only make me mad.

Now, there are shows that will be much harder for me to let go off. I am a fanatic behind the Real Housewives franchise. I am currently watching the Atlanta and Beverly Hills seasons. I will finish these seasons and be done with them. The New York and Orange County women will be back on the scene soon. I will not even get back into those franchises. I am a Big Brother, Four Weddings, Bridezilla, Jersey Shore, Top Chef, Say Yes To The Dress, Te Real World, and America's Next Top Model fan as well. These shows will not be watched anymore. I just cannot do it. I am beginning to feel dumber by the day for watching such cleverly disguised trash. I am over it in 2011.

I think I need to spend more time feeding my intelligence. I have to be more conscious of what I take in. I think I need to read more or watch more things on the History Channel. The reality tv explosion does not seem as if it's going anywhere any time soon. I am just respectfully declining from participating. I need more from entertainment. I deserve more for me and my mind in 2011. And, I'm going get it, by any means necessary!


  1. Hiiii Kenda!! LOL. My name is Kimberlie and I too, am a reality TV addict. I just have no desire and no will to quit right now. It serves a purpose in my life for the moment that hopefully will soon be served by something more meaningful and profitable lol.

    I do enjoy watching the foolishness even though I know most of it is scripted and that the people on these shows "put on" for the cameras. It indulges my love of "people watching" withouot me having to put on clothes and leave the house. I also don't have to directly subject myself to the crazie people in order to witness the crazie. For a nosey person pursuing a master's degree in Psychology, this is a great thing! Good luck to u and hopefully I can free my mind soon too.

  2. LOL!!! Hi Kimmie!!! I do love the craziness that reality tv gives me. I just feel like I've been indulging too much in it. So, I've trying to break some of these ties that bind lol. I'm doing good so far. I've gotten rid off a bunch of shows. Here's hoping I can break free of it all soon and very soon :)

  3. I gave up on Top Model and Hell's Kitchen. Now it's just Jersey Shore, RHOA, and Basketball Wives. I watch Teen Mom, and True Life occasionally. I miss documentaries, what happened to all the good documentaries that used to come on HBO??

  4. @ Ms. Deety - Idk what happened to them. I used to love Top Model but Tyra is on some bs the last 4 cycles of the show. I cannot get away from the Housewives though *hangs head* lol. Their fukkery is too entertaining for me to turn it off...yet.