Saturday, January 22, 2011

These Are Just My Thoughts

I've been a blog reader for a few years now. I like to read and see others perspectives on life. It gives me something to think about. I believe that it takes a brave and/or fearless soul to be a blogger. One is essentially laying their soul bare for the entire world wide web. That takes guts. I commend every one who has dived into this arena. I know of a few women who have just recently started blogs (Joey, Kimmie, & Diya) and a few who've been here for a minute (Drenna, Nikki). Blogging opens up a whole new world to those who write them as well as those who read them.

I blog just to get these words out of me. I'm writing because I have to. Need to. Want to. Even if i wasn't blogging, I would be writing something, somewhere. Because it is what I think I was meant to do in this life. I decided that I would be as open and as true to myself as I could be with my intended audience and myself. I have no issue expressing my opinions in any thing. That's never been a problem. It's a little harder for me to show my heart. But since starting this particular blog, I've gotten much better at that. Every blog I post, I'm giving you me. All of me. All the time.

I've noticed a trait in other blogs that I will never engage in. Deleting blogs. I don't get that. I won't do that. If I wrote it and posted it, I'm standing by my words. I'm always nervous about expressing my heart. That is right up until I hit the "publish post" button. Once its up, it's up. For better or for worse, my words are out there. I stand by them. They may not always be pretty or politically correct or even what you might expect from me. But they are my words. I don't get why someone would delete a post that's already been read by folks. But I guess to each his own right?

We all write for different varied reasons. I read others blogs and comment because I like to let people know I was there. I'm never ashamed or apologetic about my words. I can't be. I blog from my heart. Good, bad or indifferent, I write what I feel. I feel what I write. I can only give you me. Sometimes blogging helps me work through things in my own life. And, sometimes there are others going through the same exact situations. Life is funny that way. What are your feelings about blogs? What blogs are you reading? Talk to me & let me know!


  1. Kudos to this. Since blogging I have felt... liberated. People often perceive me as comfortable with myself and fearless for putting my feelings out there but no, I am everything BUT. Writing is just extremely empowering... Keep it up. I just discovered your blog. I will stop by frequently.


  2. Thank you for the comment, Mahogany. I agree with your statement that "Writing is extremely empowering." Thanks for stopping by.