Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who Loves Sports?

My name is Kenda & I'm a sports fan. For some, especially men, this admission always garners a second look. That always makes me giggle. Why is it strange that I'm a sports chick? I like what I like. Football and basketball fall into this category. I am passionate about my teams. I love the excitement of the game. I yell at the tv, the players, the refs, and the coaches during games. Especially during the playoffs. I live for it. What's the big deal with women liking sports?

In high school, I was a huge Green Bay Packers fan. Brett Favre was my dude. I could not get enough of that football team. Whenever I watched football, I was only rooting for the Packers. I also loved high school football games. But it was for an entirely different reason. I was on the Flag Team during my freshman & sophomore years and the Pep Squad my junior & senior years. I wanted to be seen performing. I could care less about if we won or lost. Sad but true lol. I liked football then. I've also been a Ravens, Steelers and Saints fan as well. All Superbowl winning teams. I pick great teams to follow. I'm still rooting for the Steelers to pull this out. In the end, my heart, as always, lays with another sport.

Basketball is my favorite sport. It has been since I was in high school. I was never a Jordan or Magic fan. My love of bball started with a team in Florida. I was an uber Orlando Magic fan as well. Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway was my absolute favorite player. Shaq was also a favorite of mine on that squad. This team was it for me. Until I discovered a rookie by the name of Allen Iverson. His skills on the court made me a Sixers fan for ten seasons. He is still my favorite baller hands down. Currently, I am a Boston Celtics fanatic. This is the first time I've loved an entire team. There isn't one person on the squad that I don't like. They are the complete package. I cannot wait to watch my boys get another ring in June.

I always find it funny when men are surprised by this fact about me. I've been told that my being so into sports is sexy by HIM and that makes me smile. And, honestly, his opinion is the one thats matters the most in my world. I'm a woman and I happen to love sports. Yes, I do have my moments when I get caught up in the players' looks & physiques. Cause, hell, they are fine. But, I love the game. No doubt about it. Ladies, are you into sports? Who's your team? Fellas, what's your take on women being into sports? Talk to me!


  1. Twin you're not going to believe this..and it's kind of freakin me out...but before my love for Kobe started in '96..I was a Penny Hardaway FANATIC and repped Orlando Magic to the fullest..My dad has always been a Laker fan so I grew up watching them, but Penny was my all time fav player at that time..NEVER been a MJ fan..NEVER but if u didn't think he was the greatest u didn't know anything about Basketball then...

  2. Oh yea..and BOOOOOOOOO to u posting that lame ass Boston Pic tho!!! ;-)

  3. Twin, that is very freaky. It's insane how much alike we are, right? But, yes, I was a Penny fanatic. Loved that dude something fierce. The Magic was my squad for a minute. And, don't be hating on my Celtics!!!! And by the way, the way that the Spurs and the Mavs are balling, I'm not to sure if my Celtics will see your Lakers in June. That certain three-peat don't look to certain right now. But, if by chance we do meet in the finals, you already know it's BOSTON all day!!

  4. LOL girl Im not worried about the the Spurs different story..but ummmm You NEED to be worried about the Magic I'm sure it will be another 3peat for my Lakers this year with ANOTHER win over Boston!! ;-) see ya there!!

  5. In the East, I'm more concerned with the Heat and the Bulls. The Magis will fall apart cause they aren't ready. We will see you guys in June IF y'all can get passed the Spurs and Mavs. BOSTON CELTICS will get that ring this year again!!!