Thursday, January 06, 2011

My Poetry Corner III: "Intellectual Intercourse"

i wanna have an intelligent conversation with your intellect
spend hours in the deepest corners of your mind
wrapped up in your thoughts draping myself in your opinions
want to romance you with metaphors
impress your psyche with my silly similes
smother your body with amor
this is more than a physical thing
I'm pursuing the idea of being intimate with your inner being
plan on caressing your doubts
in order to put your soul at ease
gotta intertwine your words
with the ones in my mind
so that we can create our own secret exchange
you must lay down your beliefs on top of mine
and maybe you and I could mother-father a new off-spring
been having dreams of incorporating your feelings into my brain
thus, becoming one with you
hope I can erase your insecurities and replace them with faith
I would love to touch the inner-most part of you
wanna pull you so deep within me
need to feel your heart beat in sync with mine
wanna connect with you on every level
wanna speak a language that only you can decipher
play the music that only we know the lyrics to
I wanna speak to you with only my eyes
breathe deep of your essence massage your worries away
and maybe, for now, you and I can live here
in this utopia of true intelligence in your mind
intellectually stimulating each other!


  1. A term I use rather frequently intellectual intercourse has become my only form of communication....for I'd rather remain silent in the face of anything not holistically stimulating to both parties when engaging in conversation...When words release mental orgasmic confirmations a simple chat and chew can turn into a life long commitment of intellectual compatibility.....yet many of us never embrace the purity of words and the beauty of TRUE INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION (a being that is not only book smart but has COMMON SENSE).......well written Magnum Opus......

  2. @ Master_Teacher - Thanks for the compliments and reading my piece. This piece came from a place of want. I'm guessing you've read Kevin Hall's "Aspire" as well from your username and Magnum Opus. I'm reading it right now and loving every word of it.