Thursday, January 13, 2011

Does The Ring Really Mean A Thing?

After watching BET's "Let's Stay Together" the other night, I began to think about one of the story lines. It involves a man proposing to two different women, supposedly years apart, with the same ring. Say what now? Who does this? I was disturbed and disgusted by this notion. Especially since there was no mention of said ring being an heirloom. This also led to a healthy discussion between HIM and I. Now I wanna know what my people think as well.

Here's the scenario. A guy proposes to Girlfriend A with said ring. Girlfriend A says no. Then, he later proposes to the current Girlfriend B with the same ring. All is well until A meets B randomly at a restaurant. Girlfriend A says to Girlfriend B "Oh, he gave you the ring." What?!? Imagine the shock and awe on my face. Girlfriend B had no idea that she was sporting the ring of technically another woman. Her face said it all. The sister of the guy had to fess up after Girlfriend A walked away. And, it was on.

In my opinion, if Girlfriend A said no to his proposal, then he should've returned the ring. There is no way on God's green Earth that he should have held on to the ring for the next proposal. That is just wrong and dirty. To me, it's like a hand-me-down ring or a used ring. This would be no bueno in my life. That ring in my mind is tainted with the failure of his prior relationship. And, I don't wanna drag that baggage into my marriage. I would be so upset. It isn't special anymore because it wasn't purchased specifically for me.

Girlfriend B eventually went out and got another ring on her own. She did not discuss this with her fiance'. I think that was just wrong. Granted, I get that she was mad, as she should have been. But, going behind his back and getting another ring was not the route to go. Two wrongs will never make a right. There was no real communication between this engaged couple about their feelings. that is a big red flag to me.

When I am proposed to, I want it all specifically designed around me and my relationship with him. I mean from the venue to the ring. In the words of Samantha Jones from SATC "Exactly honey, wrong ring, wrong guy." I would hope that he knows me well enough to know what I'd like and what I would despise (like a gold ring ewww). To me, my engagement ring would be the most important piece of jewelry (along with my wedding band). So, sue me, for wanting something special and specifically for me *Kanye shrug*

Anyway, I would really like to know what you guys think. Was the boyfriend on "Let's Stay Together" right or wrong in re-using the ring? Was his fiancee right or wrong for getting a new ring? Does the ring really mean a thing? Talk to me!!

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