Sunday, January 09, 2011

Really Random

* Me and sleep have not been the best of friends lately. This needs to change and quickly!

* This little bit of winter weather we have going on is good. But I hate that my allergies always wanna act the fool as soon as the wind blows. #planleaveneworleansisinfulleffect

* The internet is a funny, crazy, wonderful, scary place. You can literally find out anything about anyone. Even when you aren't really trying to. Real talk.

* Sometimes I wonder about the most random things. Things that I really do not need or even really want to know. But, yet, these questions invade my thoughts some nights.

* I've decided this year I will make a more conscious effort to avoid shrimps like the plague they are. I'm allergic but I love them. But, it's really time I start taking care of me better.

* A friend sent me info on a Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise on . That sounds like a great trip that I really need to look into. The cruise ports in Italy and Spain I think.

* This shooting in Arizona really has me upset. A 9 year old girl was killed. And, for what? Praying that Rep Giffords makes it.

* Being stuck on things in your past only prevents one from getting to their future. I know this to be inherently true. Just thought that I'd share this tidbit.

* Back on my Bible reading game after a holiday hiatus. I'm just starting First Corinthians. So far, so really good.

* My dreams of babies are getting to be a nightly thing. I cannot wait to met these babies that I keep dreaming about.

* My Mini-Me (nephew Kameran) literally cracks me up. We just had the best 15 minute conversation about his school and education. He loves school, just like his Teedy Kenda!

* One of favorite shows return to tv tomorrow after an almost 2 year hiatus. "The Game" is back on BET. I cannot wait to see what this season holds for the cast.

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