Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's The Little Things

What makes you you? I think its sometimes more about the little things that make a person whole. The little milestones that help us build our character. Simple things. I am a woman who is big on the details. I remember all the little things about my family and friends that are unique to their life story. This is not something I've worked at. It's just something that is in me. I will remember the most random things about people. I say that they are random because they may have only been mentioned once in passing. Things just stand out in my mind when I think that they may mean something deeper about that particular person's story. 

I absolutely love when people remember my little things. The fact that my love for music is deeper than just liking a song, that ?I will always remember the purple house on that back street. My college nickname which has a story that only a handful of folks know. I could go on and on about my building stones. All of these little things have made me into myself. Some are really funny and silly. Some are really deep and dear. They are all my little things. I don't share all of them with everyone. But, sometimes, if you are lucky enough, I let you in close enough to get to know my little things. Trust me, I'm worth the effort.

I like to celebrate the little things in my peoples' lives. It cost me nothing to remember. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see someone I love light up when I mention one of these, sometimes throw away facts about them. That makes my day. We all possess these secret little things. Sometimes, we let them out without realizing it. Sometimes, we hold them dear until we met a person who makes us want to share. What are some of your little things? How often have you shared them? Let me know.

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