Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My Poetry Corner II: "Altered Reality"

I wanna love you
a little
wanna hold you close
and keep you warm
maybe if only just for a little while
we could pretend that I was yours
and you were mines
that this right here
right now
is the gospel truth
wish we could exist here
in this world
where nothing matters but
the two of us
the place where
we never let the outside in
if only for a moment
if only for a minute
me loving you would be good
would be fine
would be right
cause in here
we are one
we are it
we are love
but this is all a
fallacy of my imagination
the thing I dream when
I close my eyes
when I hear your voice
feel your touch
but in my bed
in the dark
alone with my thoughts & you
we are what I dreamed
and for that short period of time
I grasp hold to this
altered reality

~Kenda Calandra circa 2005

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