Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Yeah, I Said It: My Unpopular Opinion

Today is February 1st. It is officially Black History Month. Herein lies my dilemma. I am clearly a Black woman. I love my race, my people, and my culture. I've never dreamed of being another race. The older I become, the more disillusioned I become with the entire idea of Black History Month. Yeah, I said it. This may be not very politically correct but it is my opinion. Every day, we are Black people. Every day, we as Black people, make history. Our stories and accomplishments deserve praise all the time. I get the reason why it was established. I just don't think that reason still holds up.

I think that all kids should learn all history all the time. I attended a predominantly white high school. All of the Black history that I learned was all self taught. My school wasn't big on Black history. I mean even during the month of February the information I received was minimal and repetitive at best. It's as if the school board didn't know that there were other Black history makers outside of Martin and Malcolm. That there were more stories other than that of Medgar Evers and Emmett Till. All Black people weren't Black Panthers or refusing to move on buses like Rosa. We are more than these few retold stories. I am not downplaying any of these people. Their stories are important too. They are not the only stories that need to be told. We desire more than that.

Furthermore, Black history is American history. It is all of our history. It's our past. We deserve to know it all. The children need access to all of our history. We owe them that much. My nephews and nieces are all under 7, but I tell them things about our history because knowledge is definitely key. We need to know. My thirst for knowledge is insatiable. I plan to pass that thirst on to them as well as my own kids whenever I have them. We cannot move froward if we never study what out ancestors did in the pass. That is evident.

We cannot pretend that race relations in the U.S. aren't still a big issue. People who ask the ridiculous question of "Why isn't there a white history month?" and "Isn't that reverse racism?" all can take a seat. There is white history month. It's called every day of the year. Black History should be treated as such. It should be taught all throughout the year in schools. Because people who do not know from which they came are bound to repeat it. I love being a proud Black woman. Extremely proud of my history. What are your takes on Black History Month?

"Make Black History every day, I don't need a month." - Kanye West


  1. I agree with much of your position and understand it. I also believe that if we removed "Black History Month" from February Black and African American History would not be taught. It is funny, you bring up black history month in your younger years - this is the time our younger brothers and sisters will learn about slavery and civil rights. I remember that... I remember the brief lessons about my anscestors and always wanting and longing for more... More culture and connection. More good things about other figures and more empowering stories about OUR people. Perhaps it will need be up to us to educate ourselves and each other. Will we ever unite in that way?.. In December 2008 I traveled to Ghana for a through the sociology department at my college. I learned there what every black or African should know in the least. ...We come from amazing lineage. I worry and fear like you do Ms. K that our anscestors stories that hold so much power AND fuel will never be told.

  2. @ MC - I'm def not saying that Black History Month needs to be abolished. Because I think then the majority of schools would opt not to teach any Black History. I just think our history needs to be integrated into American history and taught on a daily basis. All of the kids are missing out on knowing all of their history. I def like your opinion on it as well. You went to Ghana?!? I bet that was an amazing trip. Wow!

  3. Yeah, I agree, black or African American history is just that AMERICAN history. It should be integrated - not limited to February. // Ghana was amazing, inspiring and so empowering. I'll have to share some flicks for ya on my spot. I hope to go back with fam and friends one day... Our people are beautiful and history and culture so deep. Talk about strength, power, and pride!