Friday, January 28, 2011

Get Into It: Jessie J

Her name is Jessie J. Her voice is sick. She's a UK artist who has just dropped her first single entitled "Do It Like A Dude." Her debut cd, "Who You Are," will be released in the UK on March 14th. I am feeling her voice and lyrics. I've been listening to some of her stuff on Youtube. I had heard her name before but never took the time to check her out. That was wrong on my part. I was missing out on this voice. She is kinda awesome to me.

Her debut track "Do It Like A Dude" is lyrically reminiscent of Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy" and Ciara's "Like A Boy." While I don't wanna do anything like a dude or a boy, I get the sentiment behind the track. One of my favorites from her has to be "Who You Are." I think it would do great chart-wise. It's one of those empowerment songs for not only women but all people. She also covers Whitney's "I Have Nothing" and does a great job. Her voice is just really amazing. Check her out and get into her.

Shout out to Mahogany Cherrelle for putting me up on this great voice!


  1. Ms. K - Thanks you for the lovee (shout out)! I'm glad you are feeling Jessie J. I'm excited for her album, we'll have lots more to talk about then. Her voice is just so raw and amazing. She appears to have a good spirit too (if you watched the same YouTube clips I did.// Who You Are - absolute tear jerker right? ...Have a good weekend Ms. K!

  2. @ MC - You are more than welcome. I love her voice. She has a fan in me. Can't wait to hear her whole cd.