Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This Reader's Review: "The Boss" Trilogy


You have to love Tumblr. I know I do. This past week, a post recommended a good trilogy for the readers of "50 Shades of Grey." I am thankful to Mara Wilson's (child actor from "Madeline") tweet about the Abigail Barnette series "The Boss." So, I went to look it up on Amazon. I did read that other BDSM trilogy. I was hardly impressed. I was open to try another one. The first book of the series is "The Boss." It was actually free on Amazon via Kindle. Which is always a win for me. I jumped head first into this book. The main characters are Neil and Sophie. Both dynamic and flawed in their own right. Both characters I instantly liked. I love when an author can create a world with words that I can see in my head. Barnette does that for me. She creates a look into a good BDSM, Dom/Sub relationship. The characters feel and speak like real people. The situations are ones I can imagine. I finished this book in hours. I could not wait to find out what's next. Books 2 ("The Girlfriend") and 3 ("The Bride") are only $0.99 on Amazon last weekend. This was another win for me. I finished the entire trilogy in one weekend sitting. I didn't think it was possible but the second and third books were better than their predecessors. Barnette has gained a fan in me.

What I loved the most about the books was the care that was shown in the Dom/sub relationship. It showed how much Neil cared for, loved Sophie. Their d/s relationship wasn't about pain or manipulation. The most amazing thing was the sub care that Neil provided to Sophie. I loved their love. From their first interaction until the last page of the third book, I was always for their relationship. The age gap is insane but I forgot about it until it is mentioned. There is only one character I hate in the book. Barnette has a gift and I am appreciative for it. I am slightly intrigued by the whole BDSM culture. This book made my interest grow a little. If you are interested in that lifestyle, you should def check this series out. Oh, and btw, there will be a fourth book released next spring entitled "The Ex." And, since I loved the trilogy, I cannot wait to find out what happens between Sophie and  Neil. Get into it. 

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