Saturday, July 26, 2014

These Are Just My Thoughts

  • There were three nights in the last week that my body said "enough!" I was sleep before 8p.m. all three nights. I needed that rest truly. I slept so good. 
  • But, then last night, the insomnia came back. I was up until after 5a.m. I slept almost 7 hours. Been in a good mood all day. Smiling cause I'm alive and the sun is shining. Good day has been good.
  • Not for nothing but Silk Almond Milk and fresh strawberries are the perfect combo for a summer smoothie. Makes this hot day even better. Sipping in the sunshine. Loving this summery Saturday evening. 
  • When I get hooked on a song, I never get tired of it. The current song is "Y.A.S." by Trey Songz. It stays on repeat. Because why not? Good music never goes out of style. 

  • I need a tan. Yes, Black girls can tan too. This brown skin goddess needs more sun on her skin. I need to be two shades darker ASAPtually. *prays to the sun Gods for this to happen*
  • I have been neglecting reading my Bible. For a few reasons. But, I need to rectify that. I need clarification about some things that I cannot figure out on my own. I need guidance. Gonna read to get it. 
  • I have been trying my best to avoid all the engagement, wedding and baby announcements. Because in all honesty, they make me feel some kind of way. And, it's not a necessarily a good feeling. 
  • But, no matter what, I am loving me. That is my most important act everyday. No one else opinion matters. In my mind, Kenda is dope as hell and that's that. My only plan is to...


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