Monday, July 07, 2014

Get Into It: The-Dream's "Royalty"

The-Dream can do no wrong when it comes to music in my book. He's a dope producer and writer. He's a pretty good singer as well. So, when I read that he was dropping a new project today, I was stoked. He posted this pic on Instagram and simply captioned it "777." He was putting us all on notice that "Royalty" was dropping on July 7th @ 7pm. I could not wait to hear it. I loved his last two projects: "1977" & "IV Play." Both still get much play over here. Good music will never be denied. 

The-Dream did not disappoint me at all. There are only 7 songs but that's all he needed to get it right. Every track makes me feel some kinda way. I've listened to it twice all the way through. I keep returning to two songs. They are "Outkast" and "Wedding Bells." You guys know that I love lyrics and these two tracks speak to me. I love every song though. Great EP from an artist I have always dug. Go ahead and get into it. You can download it here. LEt me know what song(s) speak to you. Leave it in the comments, people. 

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