Sunday, July 27, 2014

Movie Review: "Hercules"

I am a Greek Mythology enthusiast. Have been since I was ten years old. This is how I ended up at the movie theater today to catch Dwayne Johnson's (aka The Rock) new movie "Hercules." I did not know what to expect because I had not seen one trailer for this movie. But, I am a fan of The Rock so I was open to it. I am so glad I decided to go catch it. It was a pretty good movie. There was action and wars and even some comedy. The comedy was unexpected but appreciated. The movie was set in Greece and I loved the country side shots in the movie. One of my favorite character s in this movie a woman warrior by the name of Atalanta. She is amazing with a bow and arrow. The movie just opened Friday and the theater was packed today. 

What I really enjoyed about the movie was that they played up the rumors of Hercules birth a lot. He says that he never knew his father. It is also insinuated that he isn't really a demigod (half god/half mortal). There is talk of the "gods," and Hera and the like but it's really just all background for the plot of the movie: war. Hercules is a mercenary and leads an army through a war. I love that the movie was playful in parts where the entire audience collectively laughed out loud. Johnson is a very believable Hercules and he carries the movie. All of the characters are well written and acted. I enjoyed everything about it. I will def purchase this when it comes out on dvd. Go ahead and indulge in a little Greek Mythology  via the "Hercules" movie. 

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