Thursday, July 03, 2014

These Are Just My July Thoughts

  • It's July. Already. Half of the year of 2014 is gone. It flew by. I don't know how I feel about that. The days seem to be passing faster than I can keep up. Either way, it's half over. I'll be 35 before the year ends. *le sigh*
  • This Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby is one of the dumbest things ever. It's as if the justices value corporations more than women. That war on women that the Republicans keep denying is REAL. Pay attention. This is the beginning of a very slippery slope. I'm disgusted. 
  • The BET Awards were good. I do think they ran way too long at almost 4 hours. Loved the throwback R&B group performances from Silk, Troop & Color Me Badd. Chris Rock was cool as a host. I enjoyed most of it. 
  • I am a pessimistic optimist. This means that I see things as they are. My sarcastic nature does not allow me to be too optimistic. I cannot allow myself to get too caught up on the "what if's" cause I've been burned by that life too often. I just want the future and life that belongs to me. Whatever it is. I pray that it's good because I think I truly deserve it.
  • I pray a lot. Little prayers that silently take me through my day. They are usually done without me really thinking a lot about it. I know what I want to pray for and do it. I pray for my family and friends. Some are specific and others are broadly general. I cover the spectrum with them. It's a habit I hope to never break. I don't know when or where or why this started but it's a keeper in my book.

  • I promised myself that I would blog every day this month. I am out of practice so this will be tough. I pray that I can stick to it. *fingers crossed*
  • There is a quote about learning the right distance between people. I am currently fighting this battle of leaning to close or pulling too far back. I'm really conflicted in this one area. The rules have changed and we're no longer the same. Yo no se'.
  • So, when exactly is season three of Netflix's "House of Cards" returning?!? Cause I need it now. I guess I could rewatch seasons 1 and 2. It's not the same but it'll have to do. I need my HOC and Underwoods fix.
  • If you did not peep this yesterday,  you should def do so. VH1 decided to give Robin Thicke free reign of their Twitter for a Q&A session entitled #AskThicke. The questions were hilarious. He was dragged all through the tweets. You will laugh your ass off truly. Get into it. 
  • How is it possible to miss something you almost had? Like, there were plans made that didn't come to be but I miss what was supposed to occur. I miss the life I was supposed to have. It's kinda depressing to be honest. I find myself longing for that version of my life because it's better than my reality. That is a bad habit I desperately need to break. But, it;s so hard to let go. I have issues. Don't mind me. I'm venting here. 

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