Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Midnight Bowling

I went midnight bowling last weekend with my cousins. I had so much fun. I haven't been bowling since 2007. I haven't really been out in a while. My life, by my own accord, hasn't been all sunny skies and rainbows. I have been in a really awkward space for months now. I can honestly say that this family outing was needed in more ways than one. My cousins were here visiting from Colorado. Saturday was their last night here. So, we decided to take the kids and hang out. It was a boys versus girls challenge. I was great. Better than I thought I would be. But, I'm guessing that bowling is like riding a bike: you never forget. We bowled a few games while laughing and talking trash to each other. We were all into the competition, especially my little cousins. It was a really great night with my family. There was a lot of pizza/wings eating, margarita drinking, bowling going on. We all had such a great night. I only bowled one gutter ball. I, of course, bowled with a purple and blue bowl. I had to, they're my favorite colors. And, the bowling ball was adorable. I was the 2nd top bowler on my team. It was a great change from sitting at home thinking on a Saturday night. I have a feeling I will be bowling again soon. It was entirely too much fun not to. Just wanted to share my night with you guys. Hope you guys had an awesome weekend as well. 

My stylish bowling shoes and the awesome carpet.

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