Monday, April 15, 2013

Movie Review: "42" & "Tyler Perry's Temptation"

This weekend was full of movies for me. I saw two films that were polar opposites. One I couldn't wait to see, the other I could care less about. But, I watched them both from beginning to end. I was interested in the story lines of both movies. I won't be giving away any secrets here. Just an overall review. Let's get into it. 

I am not a baseball fan. But, the allure of "42" was Jackie Robinson. I knew a little about him before watching the film. I knew how important he was to Black history being the first Black major league baseball player. I knew that he was an awesome player who loved to steal bases. "42" is an amazing film. I loved it. It was hopeful, happy, sad and funny. I laughed and cried. I loved that the movie showed Robinson's life on the field as well as off. The love story between Jackie and Rachel is a central theme in the film. Some scenes were hard to stomach because of the racial slurs but they were accurate for the time. Branch Rickey was the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers and one of my favorite characters. It's simply a great movie and a must see.

I reluctantly watched "Tyler Perry's Temptation" this weekend as well. I watched the play first. I didn't really care for it. Then, I watched the movie. I didn't like it. I loved Lance Gross, Jurnee Smollet-Bell, and Brandy. The plot was not fleshed out. The ending was stupid. I hated Vanessa William's faux French accent as well as Kim Kardashian's whole existence in the movie. I really hate how irresponsible Tyler is in his storytelling. There are at least two topics in this movie that I take issues with. I wasn't that keen on watching it but it fell into my lap Saturday. That's all I have to say about it. Two totally different films. I suggest you check them out for yourselves.

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