Saturday, April 13, 2013

Reason, Season, Lifetime

They say that people are put into your life for a reason, season, or a lifetime. It's also said that many of us try to make reason or season people into lifetime people. We do this based solely on what we feel at the time. I can never figure out where people belong when they come into my life. Especially during. I never know. And, I truly hate when I've pegged someone totally wrong. Because then I feel betrayed. I am trying my best to be my most authentic self. Trying to not be so blunt and holding my tongue about certain things while also not being so emotional. I've had so much time to be introspective lately. I want to be better, be more than I am. I feel like I'm becoming a more mature version of myself while avoiding becoming complacent about my life.

A "reason" person is introduced for a short time to teach a lesson. There is something they know that I need to know. When the lesson is learned, they'll move on. A "season" person is introduced during a time where we need them. That season could last a short period of time or a long one. But, that person won't be around for life. A season/reason person will fade away from your life like evaporation. You'll miss them but you'll understand. A  "lifetime" person will be the one who makes the most substantial difference in your life. A "lifetime" person usually comes in the form of a soul mate. The person you meet who changes the way your world is. This is the person we're all searching for.

This has been on my mind for weeks. Differentiating between the three. Taking a good look at who's in my life. I've always kept this Peyton Sawyer quote ("People always leave.") in the back of my mind. It's been true more often than not in my life. But, the reality is we can't make people stay in our lives when they are determined to go. No matter how hard we love them or how much we beg them to stay. No one is here by accident. If we've met or interacted, it was supposed to happen. I do not get why certain situations have played out the way they have. But, I know everything happens for a reason. And maybe those reasons aren't meant to be known by me...yet. I just wish my vision was clearer on seeing the categories that people belong to in my life. Reason, season, or lifetime. All the pieces matter.


  1. Hello Kenda! I would love to repost this in my blog! Thankyou! =)

    1. Hi! You can def repost it. Hope it helps someone.

    2. This is great and I love it. I am sorry if you are hurting about someone special. I have been there, and done that but I am OK now.