Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Classic Music: Jay Z's "Reasonable Doubt"

Jay Z is my favorite rapper. Ever. If you've been here more than once, that becomes abundantly clear. I am a fan. "Reasonable Doubt" is a cd that I can clearly remember the first time I heard it. I was a freshman in college. My friend's roommate had the cd. It was unlike anything I had ever heard before. There was something about his voice that drew me in. I was sold. I've written about the cd before here. It changed my view of rappers and Hip Hop. Before then I was a R&B and Bounce girl. A clear product of my environment. Music has always played a special place in my life. This cd is definitely in my top ten of  favorite albums. 

I can still listen to it and vibe with it today...17 years later. Jay's music has become a regular part of my life. My favorites on RD haven't changed. They are still "Feelin It," "Can I Live," and "Politics As Usual." Timeless tracks in my book. Jay's delivery has changed some but his heart hasn't. He can still drop a song that I will love, still spin a story in a set of 16's. He is that good still. Even in his 40's, he's doper and more lyrical than most current rappers. That is a fact so don't debate me on it. "Reasonable Doubt"is a classic for all of those reasons and more. I love to hear him before them even more. Get into this Hip-Hop classic. 

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