Thursday, April 18, 2013

Around These E-Streets (VI)

° My heart is still very heavy days later . The Boston Marathon Bombing is just so sad. How cruel and evil can people be? I do not unerstand and I never will. An 8 year old child is dead. None of us should be afraid to leave our houses. This has to stop. 

° Republicans are dumb and stupid. I say this with no remorse. Senate failed to pass a law to increase background checks for purchasing guns. President Obama was not happy at all with this. He looked pissed. I totally agree. What about the kids in Sandy Hook and the movie theater patrons in Aurora or the daily gun murders in the US? Do the Republicans jus not care about human life?

° Kid Rock (who I thought had stopped making music) is in the news for 2 things lately. He is on tour (why?) and his concert tickets are now $20. And for bashing the prices of the Jay-Z/JT concert. Ummm, sir? How much have you charged in the past? I hate when folks want to forget from whence they came. Shut up, dude.

° The Galaxy S4 launch date is near. I cannot wait because I really want this cell. I signed up for the pre-order with Sprint. April 27th is the day!

° Forget your education, find a husband. Yes, that's what this author wants women to do. It's laughable on so many reasons. If I would've married the guy I was with when I wasn 19-21, I would be a 33 year old divorcee. That is the truth. Read for a laugh.

° There is a new African-American natural hair care blog launching soon. It is MadameYou.I will be very interested to see what info is available here. I am always looking for a new site to read on care for my hair.

° The fact that President Obama had to take timeout to answer such trivial questions makes me sick. The fact that Jay & Beyonce's trip to Cuba is national news. We have got to do better. Seriously.

° I am watching this North Korea issue closely. It kinda scares me. You guys should pay attention too.

° I am NOT a Kobe fan. But, even I hate to see his season end like this. [Drake voice]"My n***a Kobe, I hate it had to be him." Hope he gets well soon. 

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