Thursday, December 16, 2010

What's Happy To You?

We are all trying to get to happy. That is the struggle everyday. Happiness is defined differently for everyone. Webster's defines happy as "delighted, pleased, or glad; as over a particular thing; characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment or joy." All of this got me to pondering about personal happiness."What's happy for me may not even rate on the scale of happy for the next (wo)man. Someone asked me if I was happy recently. At that very moment, all I could hear in my head was the last few spoken lines of T.I.'s hit song "Why You Wanna." T.I. poses the question to his ex "Is ya happy?" That little three word sentence packs a big punch.

Sometimes we forget to just be happy. It's easy to do so with all of the day to day things that pull us in a thousand different directions. I know I tend to get so caught up in my head and worrying about everyone else that I forget about me. that is the number one issue I am weeding out of my life. I've decided that my happiness comes first as it should. I don't wanna miss any other moment of my life because I'm worried about someone else. This hasn't been an easy notion for me to totally embrace. But, I will not continue to sacrifice my piece of happy to engage in the drama of others any longer. That just won't do going forth.

That question made me start thinking about my idea of happiness. For me, it could be something very simple or something extremely extravagant. I've never left my happiness up to anyone else. I feel like my true happiness only resides in my heart. I responded to the original question with a resounding "Yes, I'm very happy." I truly meant it because I truly feel it. I am at a place in life that I'm happy with me. My personal happiness comes from me no one else. I'm learning to take the time to smell the roses and enjoy my happiness. It's quite an awesome feeling too. I wonder if you have gotten to your personal happiness yet?

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