Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Spirit?!

Christmas used to be my favorite holiday. The light, the decorations, the music, the vacation from school, the sometimes cold N.O. weather. There was no better holiday in my mind. I felt this way for a really long time. As a kid, it was all about the gifts. As an adult, it was about family & fun. And, maybe a little about the gifts still. Somewhere along the way, my feelings changed.

Since 2006, Christmas has been losing its sparkle to me. I know that's the year it felt different to me. I wasn't with most of my family & I didn't do much. It just wasn't a good year. Ever since that year, I've been less & less enthused with the holiday. Christmas just isn't the same for me anymore.

My only enjoyment during this time of year is because of my two nieces & four nephews. They are all under seven so the sparkle is still bright to them. I love that. They always make me smile. I look forward to their faces more than anything on Christmas. I know that its not about gifts and gadgets. Christmas is & always will be about family to me. That's what & who I chose to focus on.

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